How Does The Sniff Plate Work?

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The Sniff Plate is a revolutionary device that allows you to smell the wind while walking around town. It works by utilizing a person’s sense of smell to determine where they are on the street and whether it’s safe to continue walking. If it’s safe to keep walking, the device will display a blip indicating it is safe to walk.

Because the Sniff Plates uses a person’s sense of smell, they’re different from other devices used to walk through public spaces. A virtual walk map with real-time data can be displayed on the screen.

A map that shows a person’s future movements can help pedestrians determine when it’s safe to cross at different locations. When the Sniff Plates work correctly, the user is never in danger of getting lost.

The Sniff device is being used in several cities across America. As a marketing tool, it provides the city with more revenue from the sale of business advertising space and visitor tickets. Since most businesses are typically located within a few blocks of the business district, the marketing is great for small businesses.

Since it only uses the person’s sense of smell, there are no concerns about an individual becoming incapacitated because of a lack of oxygen. This is a safety feature that many people find comforting.

The Sniff Plates is battery operated. They are lightweight and fold up quickly to be stored under one’s coat or bag.

There is a quiet and soothing track that plays when the Sniff Plate is activated. This track can be turned off if it gets too annoying, however.

The Sniff Plates also works well with headphones or earbuds. These headphones are designed to be worn under one’s clothing and provide the ability to keep a constant sense of hearing so that a person can listen for ambulances or other people calling for help.