What Beats What in Poker Hands Rankings?

What Beats What in Poker Hands Rankings?


Use the list of poker hand rankings below to instantly know what beats what in poker for any particular hand you might be dealing with. Commit this poker hand ranking list into memory now and if you need it, print it out (there is a button on the right bottom). Knowing the correct poker hand ranking is crucial to begin making a winning poker hand immediately. Once you can get a grip on a hand ranking system, then you will know what kind of bets you should be making in any writing you might be dealing with, so you can increase your bankroll and win more poker tournaments.

There are three types of poker hand rankings: pre-flop, post-flop, and flop. The pre-flop hands are the highest valued cards in the player’s hand before the turn, pre-flop, flop, post-flop. Post-flop hands are the second highest valued cards in the player’s hand after the turn. High card hands rank after the loss and before the turn, also known as post position, and they are valued higher than the flop position.

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To get a good idea of what beats what in poker for each hand you are dealing with, we need to go over the poker hand rankings charts. poker The best way to remember what hands beat is by placing which hands have the highest hands at the end of the turn. If you can memorize that quickly, you have a leg up on the competition because some players are known to be weak early in the game, but they make up for it later in the game. You will want to memorize pre-flop hands, post-flop hands, and flop hands and keep them in front of your eyes at all times when you play poker.

What makes what beats what in poker even more impressive is whether the hands hit the other two in consecutive games. The two highest hands usually beat the two lowest hands in successive games. In the multi-game play, the highest kicker is generally worth at least three to four points against the next highest kicker in a two-game set. So if two players have a hand that is worth three to four points in pre-flop money, they are worth two to three points each in post-flop action. This makes what beats what in poker even more interesting because there are so many possibilities for each player.

For example, let’s say that Jack and Jill are both playing strong hands in pre-flop action. Jack has a strong hand pre-flop and then bets out raising his pre-flop hand to ten big money. Jill calls and folds on the flop and then bets out again, raising her pre-flop hand to fourteen. Now we will wait for Jack to fold or call after both raises.

What beats what in poker hand rankings is simply consistency. If a player is consistent with raising and betting out large hands and calling or folding weak hands consistently, their hand ranking will be compatible. However, sometimes this is not enough, and the player must study the game and analyze where their low draws and poor decisions come from. Many times these problems can be solved by gaining a better understanding of the general poker rules.