What Is Ipe Wood?

What Is Ipe Wood?


How do you know what is Ipe wood? This is one of the first questions that may come to mind when you hear about Ipe. What is Ipe wood?

Ipe is a hardwood from the genus Pinus, which in turn is a member of the Beech family. It was named after the Chinese emperor and basically means ‘the wood of the emperor’. It is a very popular choice for furniture, flooring and other commercial products because of its resistance to pests and it looks fantastic in the cabinet.

Ipe has a wide range of uses for all sorts of furniture. This includes table-top pieces, cabinets, shelving and more. The biggest advantage of Ipe is that it is a very easy wood to work with and it really does offer great strength and longevity. It is also very light weight so you can easily move it around with ease.

The Ipe is actually very flexible. This makes it an excellent choice for using in cabinets. It also has a very resilient grain, which means that it can be manufactured into all sorts of different thicknesses. Ipe Decking allows a wide range of choices for your product design as well as a variety of looks and finishes to choose from.

Top 5 Uses for Ipe Wood - East Teak

Ipe can be found in different tones and colors, so it really is a great idea to get this type of wood in your product. There are plenty of different manufacturers who will be able to make you a custom board to suit your requirements. It would be very nice to have Ipe wood in this room because it really is hard to beat.

One of the drawbacks of Ipe is that it is quite sensitive to insects and is not recommended for those with allergies. The wood itself is also very delicate, so you need to take special care when handling it. If you are going to be operating heavy machinery on the wood, you need to ensure that you have added anti-fungal treatments to it.

Ipe is also considered to be one of the better options for beginners to woodworking. You can get started making just about anything on I’m with a little bit of practise. The downside is that it is very difficult to cut or saw out this type of wood so you might need a good chisel to finish off projects that you started on Ipe.

When looking at Ipe wood, it is important to ensure that it meets all of your requirements. It is a highly priced wood so you will want to be sure that you are getting what you need. There are a wide range of suppliers and prices and if you decide to use a specialist supplier they will be able to help you get exactly what you need.